Jun 062012

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Editor’s note: With public money now starting to pour into the Rupp Arena Opportunity Zone, NoC decided to start a series called, “What we’d do.” In the series, we will take the money earmarked for Rupp, and in most cases any stipulations applied to that money, and develop alternate plans for re-directing it into more socially, environmentally and economically beneficial projects. Total costs for Rupp Zone development range between $600 million and $1 billion.

In order to receive the $2.5 million in state economic development funds earmarked for Rupp Zone, residents of Lexington-Fayette Urban County must generate a matching $2.5 million in funds from the upcoming local budget. Reports indicate that city leaders plan to bond (borrow) half of this amount, $1.25 million, and then to re-direct $1.25 million of county-wide funds from a variety of agencies into a pool of money to be used specifically for the Rupp Zone. Here it is in mathematic form: Continue reading »

Dec 072011

Creatives demand Commerce Lexington banner

By Northrupp Center

Last week, news emerged from the JP Morgan Chase Bank Plaza that Occupy Lexington is now the longest continuously running occupation in North America. Formally started on the night of September 29, the Lexington occupation was the third to organize and take up space. When it came time to publicly and collectively stand up, be counted and say, No more. Not in our name!, the order went like this: New York. Chicago. Lexington. The rest of the continent. Continue reading »

Nov 242010

At the end of Ian Epperson’s article on King Coal in the 11/10 issue [“Pressure Commerce Lexington to ditch King Coal”], the author writes: “Let’s pressure Commerce Lexington to end its unhealthy relationship [with the coal industry]…”

However, he made no specific call to action.

To fill this gap, I cordially invite all concerned Lexingtonians to join Santa Claus himself on Tuesday, 12/7 in a costumed bike ride around town to deliver lumps of coal and heaps of embarassment to the naughty, and bring tidings of joy to those who have resisted King Coal’s influence. This action will be one of thousands across the world as part of Via Campesina’s COP16 Day of Action.

Meet me at Al’s Bar on Tuesday 11/30 at 7 P.M. for an organizational “meeting”. Or text “Santa” to 859.963.5574 to get on my list.


Nov 102010

By Ian Epperson

Last year the world’s leaders gathered in Copenhagen to come up with a solution to the looming specter of climate change. The conference was called COP16. As a hopeful world watched the COP16 talks fall apart, our very own Commerce Lexington, an economic development group, announced the arrival of a new and aggressively pro-coal attitude that would be reflected in its policy decisions.

Here’s a brief overview of the revamped attitude toward coal reflected in Commerce Lexington’s Public Policy Statement for 2010 regarding energy and the environment. It includes 11 energy and environmental goals, some of which sound reasonable and environmentally sound. Of note are goals late in the list:

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