Apr 272011

NoC Sports

Appreciation for sports in this city has long been ignored by city leaders, or so say some Lexington citizens.

“I drove out to Nicholasville yesterday to check out the Riney B [disc golf course and water park], and dammit if their disc golf course don’t go to 24,” says Danny Mayer, 35, a passionate amateur disc golf player and regular faculty member at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. “Along with a private 22 hole course some communitarians have built out near Keene, this gives Jessamine County 2 extra long golf courses.” Continue reading »

Apr 132011

Get out, and take your kid

By Jesse Cottle

Summer is quickly approaching, and it is time to quit telling my child to calm down and color, and time to get him outside to run. With a plethora of options for outside play and activities in and around Lexington, we are on the hunt for the place that suits us best. Recently, we took a trip out to Jacobson Park (along with at least half the city it seemed) for a bit of a frolic on the huge playground. Continue reading »