Jul 042012

Requests better Cheapside representation for local print publications

Below is a public appeal revised from an initial June 25 private email sent to area papers, council reps and county Mayor. The author would like to apologize publicly for the part in the private email where he called the Mayor a pimp when “you marketed yourself well” could have sufficed. He promises to attempt to learn from the experience.

Dear Jim,

In the past two years since North of Center has had a presence at Cheapside Pavilion, the city has moved our distribution rack no less than four times. In each instance, these relocations have further removed NoC from the central “Pavilion” area that the city has spent money to redevelop. And my publication is not alone: Chevy Chaser, Ace and a number of other publications have also been relocated. Currently, we are so far removed from the Pavilion area—on the other side of the Courthouse on a portion of Upper that has little pedestrian traffic—that tourists and residents alike would have no idea from visiting the block that the city has a vibrant print culture. Even the bustling Saturday Farmer’s Market rarely extends out to where we’ve been put. And the results have been clear: since the latest move, our circulation in the area has dropped 50%. Continue reading »

Oct 272010

The conclusion of a story in three places

By Danny Mayer

On October 14, UK’s student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, reported that staff members in the paper’s advertising division had been caught distributing free copies of the paper to guests tailgating at Commonwealth Stadium before the September 18 Cats’ home football game against regional powerhouse Akron University. Originally busted by UK athletics officials for driving “an improperly marked golf cart,” the officers later came back and ordered the staff to cease and desist their unlawful activities: the giving away of free papers to UK sports fans, many of whom were, presumably, alumni, students or kin to alumni or students. Continue reading »