Oct 122011

UK Lecture on autonomous spaces

On Friday, October 14, John Paul Jones and Keith Woodward will deliver a talk on the politics of autonomous spaces. Jones is a former geography professor at UK and current Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona, while Woodward is a former UK grad student flunkie now a geography professor in Madison, Wisconsin. The talk will take place in the West End Boardroom, 18th Floor of the Patterson Office Tower, at 4 PM. Free drinks follow at the reception, 6:00 until the booze runs out, in the UK Commonwealth House (Gaines Center), located on Maxwell behind Memorial Coliseum. Continue reading »

Jul 282010

A response to “Mall of God”

By Jake Caldwell

I am writing in response to the recent article in North of Center, “Mall of God.” I first want to tell you how much I have appreciated the work that you and your volunteer staff have poured into North of Center. I believe it is a much needed service to the Lexington community and the articles have been consistently well written and critically incisive.

Before I offer my response to “Mall of God,” however, a disclosure of my self-interests is in order. I am a minister on the staff of Central Christian Church, the congregation that Andrew Battista criticizes for acquiring property from the Windstream Corporation at below market value. Like almost all of the ministers I know, my work routinely positions me to see the shortcomings of my own congregation, which is to say that I do not, as a minister, labor under any pretensions about the church being above or immune from criticism. And like most ministers I know in mainline Protestant traditions, I agree whole heartedly with the issues Andrew raises with the way mega church strategy and polity parrots consumer trends. Continue reading »