Apr 132011

By Buck Edwards

Music lovers of a certain age get misty-eyed when the subject of record stores comes up in conversation. Now, you readers under 30 will probably roll your eyes at this, but you have very little to contribute to society anyway, so feel free to tune out as usual. To the rest of you: remember that feeling of walking into a really great record store with some cash in your pocket and a vague idea that somewhere in the racks of discs, those caverns of cassettes, those vistas of vinyl—somewhere there was a record that would prove to be the best music you ever bought. Continue reading »

Jun 232010

CD Central, Morris Book Shop, Void Skateshop, and Buster’s present the 3rd of July Concert @ Phoenix Park

For my money, there’s no better way to spend your Independence Day afternoon than at Phoenix Park. Whether or not you’re amongst those of us who take this opportunity to drink downtown with impunity, the Fourth ‘o July at Phoenix—now in its eighth year—is your chance to check out some great live music smack in the middle of downtown Lexington.  Just like Americans, this music is free.  But, for a few reasons, this year’s festivities will be a little different than in years past.

For starters, the Fourth will actually be celebrated on the Saturday the Third.  Don’t screw this up; 3 is the new 4. Continue reading »

Apr 082010

A week of live music

By Saraya Brewer

We’ve always known April to be a big month for tomfoolery, Starburst jellybeans and (at least in Keeneland country) seersucker suits. Fortunately, this year, it’s also a big month for independent music. We’ve got the April 23rd WRFL event “Bringing in the New Age with No Age,” a celebration of the station’s forthcoming expanded listening area (more on that in the next issue), and we’ve also got CD Central’s 15th birthday, a milestone event that will be celebrated the entire week leading up to Record Store Day (April 17). Continue reading »