Nov 242010

Lively up yourself

Saturday, November 27

Devin the Dude with Natti (of Cunninlynguists) and Nemo

Buster’s, 9 P.M.

It has been suggested that Devin’s beats and rhymes, but especially his beats, are so chill that you must be stoned to truly enjoy them. This is probably true, because Devin was almost certainly stoned when he cut whichever of his records you’re trying to enjoy. In fact, I’ll lay even odds that Devin will be stoned at his show at Buster’s this Saturday, during which he will rap lyrics that mostly involve being stoned.

Here are the conflicted comments of two anonymous posters on a well-known music message board, when confronted with Devin’s last release, Suite 420 (released this past April 20): Continue reading »

Jun 232010

Friday June 25

GWAR w/ Dirge Within and Mobile Deathcamp

Buster’s 899 Manchester Street. $18 in advance, $20 day of show. Doors @ 7:30 P.M.; Show 8:30. 18+

Whether you know it or not, GWAR coming to Lexington is a special occasion.  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to enhance your experience.

DO: Give them a listen before the show. You should at least know what you’re getting yourself into.

DON’T: Listen to them too much. The music is only about 15% of why you should be going to see GWAR. And truth be told, it’s not that good.

DO: Watch at least one of their movies. I recommend Phallus in Wonderland. If you cannot stomach an entire movie (which is perfectly legitimate) at least get on Youtube and watch some of their fake commercials from the late 90s. Sperm ‘n Slide is a classic.

DON’T: Attempt to recreate any scenes from any of the movies. You don’t have a spaceship that runs on crack, you will go to jail for selling crack to children, and no one has stolen your Cuttlefish of Cthulhu.

DO: Wear a white shirt. One that you no longer want, need, or care about. GWAR’s shows are notorious for massive blasts of fake blood, slime, semen, guts, and sundry other liquids. Standing towards the back will not save you. Wearing a white shirt will ensure that you remember your evening no matter how much you are driven to drink.

DON’T: Wear a GWAR shirt to the GWAR show. This advice goes for seeing any band. It is the ultimate way to be “that guy.”

DO: Bring earplugs. These dudes are loud.

DON’T: Expect any modicum of political correctness. It is not uncommon for GWAR to execute puppets of famous people like Michael Jackson or George W. Bush.—Patrick Bigger

Jun 232010

CD Central, Morris Book Shop, Void Skateshop, and Buster’s present the 3rd of July Concert @ Phoenix Park

For my money, there’s no better way to spend your Independence Day afternoon than at Phoenix Park. Whether or not you’re amongst those of us who take this opportunity to drink downtown with impunity, the Fourth ‘o July at Phoenix—now in its eighth year—is your chance to check out some great live music smack in the middle of downtown Lexington.  Just like Americans, this music is free.  But, for a few reasons, this year’s festivities will be a little different than in years past.

For starters, the Fourth will actually be celebrated on the Saturday the Third.  Don’t screw this up; 3 is the new 4. Continue reading »

May 202010

By Lucy Jones

When the Lexington Film League (LFL) sent out a call for music videos, little could anyone have imagined that the results would be so tremendous or so musically diverse. Once again, the Kentucky filmmaking community has proven its strength and its talent, and the LFL would like to invite both music and film lovers to come and view the results!

On Saturday, May 29, the Lexington Film League will present a selection of the competing videos and will follow the screening with an evening of live music featuring Lucky Pineapple, Englishman, Fanged Robot, and Idiot Glee. The event will be held at Buster’s Billiards and Backroom, and prizes will be awarded to the winning videos. Continue reading »