Sep 142011

By Captain Comannokers

The genius and appeal of Boomslang at its core is that it can be what you want it to be. The tagline for the three-year old festival is “a celebration of sound and art,” but it should be called “a celebration of whatever YOU want to celebrate.” It really is that simple.

The proof is in what has happened already in the first two years and what the third year schedule has in store. Continue reading »

Sep 142011

Boomslang weekend and day passes will are available in advance at, and tickets to individual shows can be purchased at the door as venue capacity allows. All shows are 18+ unless noted otherwise.

Friday, September 23

Those Darlins with Onward Pilgrim and Scott Carney (Wax Fang)
Cosmic Charlie’s; 388 Woodland Ave. 8 P.M.

Boomslang’s weekend of music kicks off with a triple bill of energetic, fun-spirited rock-n-roll that should appeal to mosh-loving hipsters and public radio junkies alike. Starting with local psych-groovesters Onward Pilgrim and headlined by Tennessee garage-punk honky tonk darlings Those Darlins, whom you may have caught playing a set on NPR’s World Cafe last month, the bill will be rounded out by a rare solo set from Wax Fang founder/vocalist/guitarist/Theremin player Scott Carney. This set will rouse your senses and get your blood flowing early, and end by 11 p.m. to make way for the late dance party of the century – don’t sleep on it! Continue reading »

Sep 142011

By Barbara Goldman

In its third, and most generous year yet, Boomslang: A Celebration of Sound and Art is a multi-venue festival presented by Kentucky’s leading student-run radio station, WRFL. One of the many characteristics setting this year’s festival apart from past years will be the strong film component, including screenings and workshops which are free and open to anyone with a curious appetite.

“Boomslang is a celebration of sound and art, and that definitely encompasses film. I always envisioned film as being a part of the festival, but wanted to incorporate the groups from Lexington doing off the cusp arts events,” says Boomslang mastermind, visionary, and orchestrator Saraya Brewer. “We have opened the door to anyone who wanted to bring any original events.”

“The first year there was not a lot of film involved. There was a lot to take on,” says Brewer, who adds that one film was shown the second year. “Lots of the musicians incorporate film, videos, and projection into their shows, but we’ve never had as many full length films shown. This year has really taken shape with three full length films.” Continue reading »

Jul 142010

Boomslang Local Music Project

The Boomslang organizers at WRFL want this year’s festival to showcase the vivid imagination and innovative knowhow of our best local musicians while providing a truly unique experience for Lexington visitors and natives. To accomplish both of these goals, we have decided to make a special call to the Kentucky music community.

While our selection committee will choose a handful of local and regional acts (based on how we perceive an act’s sound and performance to complement the festival’s overall mission and programming), we are also sending out a special request for bands to think beyond their usual material and create a completely unique performance for this year’s Boomslang festival. Continue reading »