Jul 132011

Disc golf politics

By Danny Mayer

Here’s the skinny on the skinny budget, and how disc golf came to represent the evils of citizen entitlement run amok:

In April, Jim Gray proposed a $271 million city budget, which he described as a “businessman’s budget,” that represented a $10 million dollar reduction from the previous year. The budget called for eliminating 56 city jobs, an overall 10% reduction in funding to partner agencies (mostly social services and arts groups), and an overall reduction in the city workforce to 2,835 budgeted jobs—the lowest city workforce since 1999, when the city had 35,000 less residents.

In June, the city council sent Gray a revised budget. They restored much of the 10% reduction in funding to social service agencies, restored several of the city jobs cut by Gray, and added 25 police recruits. Council also proposed bonding (borrowing) $400,000 for the construction of 2 disc golf courses ($150,000) and a lacrosse complex ($150,000) on city owned parkland, and for handicap access at the Charles Young Center ($100,000). All told, the council budget restored $2.8 million, or 1% of the city’s general fund, a figure that still shaved $7 million off the previous year’s budget. Continue reading »

Mar 022011

NoC Sports Desk

Courtesy BDGA

Athletes gather for Ice Bowl picture.

It isn’t often disc golfers get the chance to don short sleeves in the middle of February in Kentucky. Especially considering how much snow and cold blanketed the state for much of this winter. Yet this year’s 70 participants of the WCCPR Frozen Iron Ice Bowl II at Ironworks Hills in Winchester did just that, playing in some of the warmest weather on record for an ice bowl. Continue reading »

Feb 162011

Johansen soars to Master’s title in disc golf tournament

NoC Sports Desk

A few inches of snow and ice can make the tamest of tournaments seem tough. Combine the two with blustery, bitter cold winds and you’ve got a recipe for grueling disc golf. Such was the case February 5th when the Bluegrass Disc Golf Association (BDGA) held its fifth annual Lexington Ice Bowl.

The 36-hole tournament was played at the Shilito and Veteran’s Parks courses. It was a Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) sanctioned event, meaning pros from as far away as Tennessee and Ohio made the drive north and south to gain valuable points for their 2011 PDGA season. Continue reading »

Jan 192011

The Bluegrass Disc Golf Association’s (BDGA) 2011 Ice Bowl season is just around the corner. Here are the dates and locations of tournaments.

1/22 — Lawrenceburg Slide and Glide II (45 player limit)

2/5 — PDGA Lexington Ice Bowl X at Veteran’s and Shillito Parks (180 player limit)

2/19 — PDGA Winchester WCCPR Frozen Iron Ice Bowl II at Ironworks Hills (90 player limit)

3/19 — Mackville (Washington County) Camp Calvary tournament to support the Pinkston’s adoption (90 player limit)

If you would like to register for any of the tournaments or learn more about disc golf visit www.bdga.org or www.pdga.com.

Sep 292010

By Troy Lyle

Area Disc Golf Tournaments

The Bluegrass Disc Golf Association (BDGA) is still accepting new members. This fall BDGA will participate in a number of regional tournaments, and it’s not too late to join them. The group is still taking applications for all of its upcoming tournaments. If you’d like to enter a tournament, become a BDGA member or learn more about disc golf in general visit www.bdga.org.

Here’s a list of upcoming tournaments: Continue reading »

Jun 232010

His & her tourney provides rare chance for sexes to compete together

By Troy Lyle

Having fun is a concept seemingly lost in modern sports where winning trumps sportsmanship and losing is simply unacceptable. But fun was exactly the reason for the 3rd annual Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation (WCCPR) His & Her Doubles Tournament sponsored by the Bluegrass Disc Golf Association (BDGA).

For the 16 teams of two that participated at the Ironworks Hill course in Winchester on Saturday, June 12, fun wasn’t the only reason for the tournament’s format. The alternate shot setup provided a rare chance for girls and guys to play and compete together. Continue reading »