Sep 052012

Zirui had arrived at the Lexington airport from China (via Detroit) three hours before we stopped him by the orange chair. He was already enrolled in a graduate program at UK. He had walked to the Kroger store on Euclid Ave from the Commonwealth Village Apartments on Nicholasville Rd (where a friend of his lived and where he was going to spend his first American night) to look for a pre-paid phone card to call his parents. Zirui was asking a passer-by how to find his way back to his friend’s apartment complex when we asked him to sit for a photograph. After taking his picture, we gave him a lift. We were assisted in finding the Commonwealth Village Apartments by two graduate students from Italy. One of them, a woman on a bike, led us all the way to the apartment complex.

Image and text by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, Discarded project. Continue reading »