Dec 082010

By Beth Connors-Manke

NoC Features Editor

In our last issue, Betsy Taylor wrote a poignant and critical article entitled “Islam, Violence and Mourning in America.” In that article, she wrote about the murder of her friend Dan Terry in Afghanistan; after 30 years of work in community development abroad, Terry was gunned down in August. Terry represented a “dynamic sense of human solidarity, open and creative” – he was an exemplar of civic action, civic being.

Taylor’s article was about the loss of a friend, but it was also more broadly about how American culture has come to work, politically and otherwise. Advocating for an American civic sphere in which citizens come together in order to act together, to create a reality together, Taylor drew on the work of political philosopher Hannah Arendt who describes a citizenry “who pledge to act together for the common good. Continue reading »

Dec 012010


Let me first apologize to Ace Weekly. In what is the only remark that I sincerely regret, I wrote, “Others: Business and journalism ethics for our paper? A need to be nice to people? You must not read our paper except to see if there’s any “art” things in there. Our advice: go back to Ace.” This was intended as an intentional dig directed to a group of people who clearly were not aware that this paper generally denigrates business ethics and naive understandings of legality and illegality. Ace was the vehicle but also the butt. It shouldn’t have been. I am a regular reader of Ace, and though I may disagree with some of their positions, as I’ve been publishing this paper I am continually impressed and amazed that they’ve been doing our gig for 20 years now. It is an impressive run, and with the excellent work of Biannca Spriggs, they continue to be a relevant magazine that I grab usually within days of release. I am sorry. Continue reading »