Jun 062012

NoC News 

Regular travelers of N. Limestone may have noticed the new set of murals across from Luigart Studio & Gallery at 745 North Limestone Street. Unveiled on Tuesday, May 29, the mural series depicts the wildlife of the neighborhood.

Entitled Urban Wildlife, “the series of four, large-scale digital paintings and an educational panel were created by Lexington artist Stevie Moore in collaboration with project facilitator, Sarah Campbell. The work aims to educate the community about wildlife that exists within the city environment as well as actions citizens can take to create a safe and welcoming urban wildlife environment,” said a press release about the project.

Urban Wildlife mural on N. Lime by artist Stevie Moore. Photo by Brian Connors-Manke.

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Nov 242010

The Militant Pedestrian and Captain Commanokers spied this new piece of art on N. Limestone near Fifth. They loved it and are here (probably illegally) reproducing it. We’d love to know who did it and its official title. Email noceditors@yahoo.com or post the Truth on noclexington.com.

Jan 292010

By Amber Scott

We Will Someday, Someday We Will, on exhibit at Institute 193 through Feb. 20, is artist Bruce Burris’s optimism and activism captured in visual art form.

The pieces in the exhibit are sculptures, paintings, drawing and installations, but despite the presence of different media, everything is threaded together with a decorative text that has become Burris’s signature style.

Well, it’s held together by the text and the message of the exhibit, which is best exemplified by this excerpt from a picket sign attached to a 20-foot handle that’s part of the show: Time to fuckin stop our bleeding mountaintop.

Burris, who is best known locally for his work with Latitude Artist Community, is, according to Phillip March Jones, creative director at Institute 193 and curator of this exhibit, the only contemporary artist dealing with the issue of mountaintop removal. Continue reading »