May 252011

By April York

I am a farmer’s daughter.

When I was a little girl, Granny Mac and I would play dress-up, watch soap operas, write spelling sentences, and eat hoecakes while everybody else stripped tobacco, or did the cattle round-up. I read books when I could’ve been learning to rake hay. When I was at the tobacco barn, I did my best to sit in the black swirly chair reading the comics or planning the seating arrangements for Thanksgiving family dinner. Continue reading »

Mar 162011

MLK NA changes mission, meeting dates

By April York and Blair Poe

The Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association (MLK NA)  will be moving in a new direction after it met on Tuesday, February 8. During the meeting at the Living Arts and Science center, the group discussed major changes in the direction and missions of the organization, starting with a change in leadership. At the meeting, former secretary Rachel Carpenter was elected to her first term as MLK NA president. Continue reading »