Jun 062013

By Dave Cooper

In March I wrote an essay for North of Center about the excessive amount of outdoor advertising along New Circle Road in northeast Lexington.  My little screed, entitled “No more tube dancers!” was fun for me to write because I enjoy spreading awareness about the many insidious manifestations of our society’s corporatization.

Tube dancers are an advertising gimmick used by car dealers, check cashing firms, and other retail-oriented companies to attract the attention of motorists.  They are tall, brightly-colored, fan-powered “men” that wave and flail their arms as the traffic roars past.  I hate those things. Continue reading »

Feb 022013

By Dave Cooper

Much to my surprise, in January the Lexington Herald-Leader published a 700-word op-ed that I wrote that was harshly critical of the advertising industry.

My op-ed was basically a rant about how much I dislike the new electronic “ribbon board” advertising display inside Commonwealth Stadium.  For those who have not yet seen this high-tech monstrosity, it is a lighted LED billboard around the fascia of the upper deck of the stadium.  This space was previously used to honor famous UK football players and coaches such as Bear Bryant, Art Still, Tim Couch and George Blanda.  It was called the “Ring of Honor.” Continue reading »

May 072010

From: Danny Mayer, editor

While this paper is not an inordinately expensive venture, it does require some money to publish the papers that we distribute on the street—all told between 8 and 10 thousand dollars a year. Like other papers, we rely on advertising money to exist; unlike other papers, the entirety of our work is donated labor.

It was my hope that, nearly a year into publication, local advertisers would be bursting down the doors to take advantage of our cheap rates. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened, most likely for reasons of my own making. I can do many things at least passing well, but sales is not one of them, not even of a venture I’m intimately connected to and believe in. Continue reading »