Sep 112013

Sticker hypocrisy

Martin Mudd's winning entry.

Martin Mudd’s winning entry.

I find it interesting that NoC recently printed an article by Dave Cooper calling for additional restrictions on the type of sign-age a business can display on their own property (“No more feather flags!” June 2013), yet in your August issue you are advocating placing stickers “throughout town on lamp posts, telephone poles, magazine racks…” etc. that belong to someone else (editor intro to street feminism design contest winning entry “Real Dads show their kids how to oppose rape culture,” August 2013). Defacing someone else’s property is blatantly illegal as well as highly unethical.

Howard Stovall, email

Editor responds,

We’ll grant you the magazine racks, but the lamp posts and telephone poles are ours, damnit!

In solidarity,



Illustration by Christpher Epling.

Illustration by Christpher Epling.

Good Samaritan

More USchwitz inmate-inuring, tiny turlitzer terrism from Company NSA, et al (“NSA good Samaritan uses domestic eavesdropping for acts of kindness,” August 2013)!

Bruce, web


Hilarious. Keep up the good work

Jeff, web


Seriously, where do these people get the idea that their “help” is wanted?

Blue Tigress, Smirking Chimp blog


Parade hysteria

Danny what have you been smoking (“Parade County, USA,” August 2013)?

A. Nonny Mouse, web

The Roots and Heritage parade enlivens northside communities. Photo by Danny Mayer.

The Roots and Heritage parade enlivens northside communities. Photo by Danny Mayer.

Danny responds,

I ain’t smoking nothing; I’m just high on the Grand Master P!


Old man’s daughter speaks

Thanks for the wonderful story on my old man (“Old man gets older,” August 2013). He has been the source of much wisdom.

Linda Mayer, web

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  One Response to “Letters, September 2013”

  1. Regarding the comments and thoughts about signage, the idea of “the lamp posts and telephone poles are our damn it.” is ridiculous.
    Neither are “ours,” especially the telephone poles.
    The truth is under such a theory ANYONE can post or use them as their publicity or advertizing locations including corporate America. And their means of producing and maintaining “trashy” postings on lamp posts and telephones poles could produce hideous eyesores everywhere.
    (A little hypocrisy on my part when a neighborhood yard sale/or meeting notice sign is needed or when trying to find one or the other. However, clean up “your mess” when you do, please.)

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