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By Sunny Montgomery

The Rollergirls of Central Kentucky’s (ROCK) sixth season is quickly approaching.  Recently, I met with the girls during a weekday roller derby practice—or rather “colder-derby” practice, as ROCK’s Rainbow Smite calls it since the team is currently practicing in the unheated warehouse space of the Bread Box.

It was quite chilly.  I kept my coat buttoned and my scarf tight around my neck as I took a seat against the far wall of the building.  A dozen or so rollergirls did laps around the track, occasionally spinning onto the sidelines to do push-ups.  I scanned the floor for familiar faces, but I recognized only a couple of the skaters.

When I mentioned this later to ROCK’s President, Kitty O’Doom, she told me that she thinks the new faces on the team will be what fans notice most about the upcoming ROCK season, at least at first.  So, in preparation for the pending season, let us meet a few of the newbies!

Too Too Much

Too Too Much is a 31 year-old adrenaline-junkie, mother of three.  She grew up in a small eastern Tennessee town that lay claim to not much more than a single skating rink.

“Which is where I developed my love of skating,” she explains.

Her strengths include fearlessness and a willingness to try anything.  “Too Too is a real scrapper,” ROCK Public Relations Chairman and ardent roller derby supporter Paco Chaos tells me.

When asked what she loves most about the sport, #222 responded “Where else can you legally knock someone off their feet?”  This is an appropriate response, I suppose, for a person who has also received her law degree and is preparing to take the Kentucky bar exam.


Miss Havislam

Miss Havislam is a 28 year-old documentary editor.  She recently moved to Kentucky from Indianapolis, where she began her love affair with the roller derby when she attended her first bout three years ago.

“Being a fan was great,” she told me, “but I wanted to see if I could make it as a skater.”  Last summer she attended ROCK’s boot camp and then officially joined the team in August.  More recently, she was elected Vice President of ROCK.

“She’ll be one to watch,” Paco tells me.  Her strengths include a feverish commitment to the sport and never being afraid to fail.

“I moved to Kentucky because of a job,” says Miss Havislam, “but I stayed because of ROCK.”                   


Beatrich Bombhoeffer

Beatrich Bombhoeffer, #45, is a 32 year old newly-wed.  She grew up in Nebraska and insists (without my prompting) that, yes, people do live in Nebraska.

Bombhoeffer’s strengths include her speed and positive attitude.  A self-proclaimed theology nerd and a full-time congregational minister, she naturally gravitates toward the spiritual side of the sport.

“There’s such a strong support and connection among your teammates,” Bombhoeffer says, “as well a real sense of physical, emotional, and intellectual strength.”  This season will be her first time ever playing for a roller derby team.

“So,” I ask Paco, “who is the baddest of the new skaters?” But he won’t give me an answer.  He says he is impressed with them all for different reasons.

If I have learned anything after my two years of writing for ROCK it is that the team, its volunteers and its fans alike are one big family—which might make me something like a step-cousin.  I may not be blood but I will proudly claim association until the day I die.

Join the family! ROCK’s first home bout is April 20 at Heritage Hall. Doors open at 6pm.  Bout begins at 7pm.

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  1. Thanks for the great article! We can’t wait to see you at our bouts this year!

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