Sep 052012

Boomslang 2012

By Captain Comannokers

Recently overheard conversation:

Guy 1: Are you gonna go to Boomslang?

Guy 2: Don’t know what you are talking ‘bout dude.

1: The music festival thing. Jeff Mangum…ya know! He’s in it.

2: In it? Like how? Is it a play or something?

1: No, Jeff Mangum–do you know who that is? Anyway, he’s playing–a bunch of other bands, too.

2: Uhh, yeah, I don’t know who that is.

1: Whaa? His music is pretty killer. He was in a band called Neutral Milk Hotel–I’ve got some of their songs on my phone. Plays “In the Aeroplane Over The Sea.”

2: Kinda sounds like the Beatles to me. But, ya know, not really.

1: Sure, I guess.

2: Who else is gonna be at it?

1: I don’t know, ummm, Jesus and Mary.

2: That’s a dumb name–why do people put ‘Jesus’ in band names?

1: Probably to get your attention–and make you say “Why do people use ‘Jesus’ in band names?”

2: Fuck it, it’s still stupid. OK, so the Beatles and Jesus are coming.

1: Yeah, that’s pretty epic.

2: OK, yeah, I don’t think I can miss out on that. My dad would love that too–he loves the Beatles.

1: What about Jesus?

2: What?

1: Does your dad love Jesus, too?

2: I guess? I don’t know…I never actually asked him if he loves him. He goes to church most weeks. So, sure!

1: Nice! He should come then!

2: Yeah, I don’t think so.

1: Oh, oh, shit–that rap group that does Taco Bell Pizza Hut–they are coming too–Das Racist.

2: Awww really? God, that song still cracks me up. They’re gonna be here? That’s weird.

1: Yeah–I wanna see them, too.

2: But is it all like Taco Bell Pizza Hut? I think that would drive me crazy.

1: No, from a couple other things I’ve heard I think they are weird, but like weird/funny/challenging.

2: Do they rap about other restaurants?

1: No, I heard that one of the dudes has referenced Paul Laurence Dunbar before.

2: What?

1: Yeah, like they actually have a bunch of songs with some deep shit–or some messages–not just jokes.

2: Wait, so wait, they are from HERE?

1: No. What?

2: You said they one of the dudes went to Dunbar?

1: No, he drops Paul Laurence Dunbar as like, a reference or something–I just heard that all their stuff is not like Pizza Hut Taco Bell Long John Silver’s.

2: Long John Silver’s? I thought you said they don’t sing about other restaurants.

1: Yeah, shut the hell up.

2: (sings) I’m at the combination Long John Silver’s Raising Cane’s.

1: Yeah, come to the show and tell them you’ve got a new one for them. I’m sure they’ll love that!

2: Maybe. So what? Are they like really racists?

The fourth installment of Boomslang unfolds Sept 20-23 at various venues in Lexington. Presented by UK’s student-run radio station WRFL, the festival prides itself in putting out a diverse and eclectic mix of music, literary art, film, and usually whatever else they can wrangle up. The Beatles and Jesus are not confirmed performers; Das Racist is however!

Visit to get the full low down.

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