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DM: Add Epling’s June 3 image of FUCers

Slavery is real


We just wanted to send you a quick “thanks” for the articles that you’ve written regarding both sex and labor trafficking. They are very bold. Ultimately, we made the decision to share them with our organization’s audience and we look forward to any future news that you may publish on the issue. It is undoubtedly a worthy cause and your work to help spread the word is highly appreciated.

In the interest of keeping you informed on the local organizations that are working in the fight for freedom, we’d like to introduce ourselves as well. We are Slavery Is Real, a recent non-profit organization developed in Lexington, KY that seeks to raise awareness and take action against modern slavery. We enjoy working closely with many local individuals and organizations that share our interests as well, and we’d love to keep up-to-date on your work. We’ll leave some links below. Check them out when you get a chance.

Thank you,

The Team at Slavery Is Real, SlaveryIsReal.org


“I still generally obey traffic signals” (“The responsible cyclist,” September 2012)?? Never mind that IT IS THE LAW. Please read pages 39 and 40 of the Kentucky Driver Manual. If you can’t “obey the instructions of official traffic control signals and signs,” you really need to hang up your helmet.

Christina, posted online


Sell high, buy low

Have you seen the chain restaurants the Webbs are touting for Victorian Square (“Have you been downtown,” September 2012)? I don’t know if Olive Garden is involved, but not much different. I have to give it to the Webbs, though. They have the game down: sell high, wait for collapse, buy low. Repeat. Of course, the repeat is because we let them do it. Festival Market, Centre Pitt, and now Victorian Square. Sherman did less damage to Georgia. (OK. Over the top there.)

Joe Anthony, north Lexington


Class warfare

Dear Editor,

So many things to write about, hard to decide what is most important.

Romney says President Obama wants to wage Class Warfare. So I take it that Romney thinks Class Warfare is wrong. So how does he justify the Class Genocide that has been waged by the wealthy for the last 30 years?

What Class Genocide you might ask? The one that has seen the wealthiest 20% share of the wealth rise from 75% in the 1980’s to over 88% today. Their 13% increase was the same loss of wealth the poor and middle class suffered over the same period. There’s really not that much left for the rest of us under a Romney/Ryan presidency is there? Especially if the Republicans gain control of Congress as well. Romney/Ryan want to lower the taxes still further on the wealthiest. As if paying 13 or 14% on a $20,000,000 in income is too much to ask.

Mister Romney, it’s not envy or jealously we feel. It is disgust…plain and simple disgust.

Charles A. Bowsher, Southbend Drive, Lexington


Epling’s magic.

Epling’s magic

I love seeing this cartoonist in the paper. His work reminds me of another famous cartoonist, but I can’t recall who at the moment. The articles in the paper are most poignant to the real concerns of our area… and Epling’s illustrations really do add a bit of spice to the very well written articles. Keep them coming!

Margaret, posted online

River reading

I’ve read all your river and creek stuff, and have kept copies of the papers. Well, I’m a direct descendant of both John Findley, my seventh-great-grandfather, and also Ebenezer Hiram Steadman. Both on my mother’s father’s side of the family, but the two guys were not related. Steadman, of course, was generations later.. Are you familiar with the book Bluegrass Crafstman, originally published by U of K press, 1959?

Gerald Parker, posted online

Wes Houp responds,

Great, Gerald! Findley is one of my characters from the period! How cool to talk to a descendant. I have not heard of that book, but it sounds really good. I’ll definitely check it out.


Bloomberg idea received

[Y]our submission has been received. Thank you for sharing your idea for improving Lexington .

The Office of Mayor Jim Gray


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  1. Love the paper!! Look forward to every month! Epling’s cartoons are amazing!! more more more!

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