Apr 272012

Tuesday gathering of parents’ friends to be held at Kenwick Park in support of CROCKers, workers of the world

May Day Kid and family. Photo by Matt Garbett.

NoC News

Parental sources say that Josie Rose, the May Day Kid, has moved her One-Year-Old birthday bash from the family’s backyard to Kenwick Park. The move is in solidarity with the General Strikes taking place that day across the country, and with the Community Radicals of Central Kentucky, who will be holding their first weekly Kenwick Exchange that night from 6:00-8:00 PM.

“With so much public love taking place in the world that day, the family decided that privatizing the May Day Kid’s birthday celebration was not an option. We wanted her to be a part of it all,” read a press release issued early this morning. “Kenwick Park, which has some nice new playground equipment, will be a great place to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Kid’s pushing into the world.”

Speaking to reporters later at a Q&A session on the steps of the family home, Dad elaborated: “When the CROCKers decided to hold their first Kenwick Exchange on Josie’s birthday, I thought, ‘Well, that about does it.’  I mean, those community radicals are asking for people to show up at the park and bring food to share, friends and spring vegetables to sell, trade or give away. They’re gonna cook up a big pot of soup, throw a little bocce ball, play some hoops on the public court. Maybe somebody will bring music so we can sing. People, food, play, exchanges–what great things to have for the Kid’s birthday party.”

Contacted at home after a long day at work, Mom simply stated: “I just told him that’s fine as long as we can still have cake there.”

When asked to comment on reports that her father, a proud CROCKer, pressured her into making the move from urban home to suburban park, the Kid responded, “Daaaaaaaaa….Deeeeehhh” and bounced up and down to the Pete Seeger record blaring in the background.

Drop in for the May Day Kid’s birthday bash or for CROCK’s Kenwick Exchange. Josie will be courting visitors from 6:30-7:30 during the Exchange.  Kenwick Park is located on the corner of Owsley and Menifee. CROCK’s Kenwick Exchange hours are 6-8 pm every Tuesday until we can’t go no more. Start growing your veggies, writing your songs, tending your chickadees, or cultivating whatever it is you like to cultivate–and start contributing to the exchange.

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  4 Responses to “May Day Kid throws birthday bash in solidarity with General Strikes!”

  1. Who’s the pornstar-looking dude holding up her hand in the photo. Oh… er, sorry Danny! ;~)

  2. I speak baby and I’m sorry to have to translate. She’s saying something—my baby is a bit rusty, it’s been 20 years—like, “can’t we have this catered? Geez.” And here I really am having a difficult time dichering, but it sounds like” Right to Work!” No, no. I got that wrong: It’s “Right to Strike!” OK. That’s her Daddy’s girl.
    Oh, one more thing. A kind of sigh. “OK, with the park, but the cake better be good.”
    (Elise wonders where we’re going to drink. Not in the park. I told the woman not to worry about things like that.)

  3. Babies of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!
    ‘We want milk, but we want birthday cake, too!”
    Happy May Day and happy birthday!

  4. […] with Jo marks the second of her dad’s public media projects to which she has been subjected. Josie has been a regular LexTran rider since the age of six […]

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