May 202010

By Lucy Jones

When the Lexington Film League (LFL) sent out a call for music videos, little could anyone have imagined that the results would be so tremendous or so musically diverse. Once again, the Kentucky filmmaking community has proven its strength and its talent, and the LFL would like to invite both music and film lovers to come and view the results!

On Saturday, May 29, the Lexington Film League will present a selection of the competing videos and will follow the screening with an evening of live music featuring Lucky Pineapple, Englishman, Fanged Robot, and Idiot Glee. The event will be held at Buster’s Billiards and Backroom, and prizes will be awarded to the winning videos.

Lexington Film League co-producer Kiley Lane is excited about the intersection of music and film that will be on display at the event, and is particularly enthusiastic that some of the bands that are playing also have videos in competition. As she explains, “It’s a rarity that one gets to experience music videos on the big screen and even more fun when some of those bands will be playing live after the screening. You may be introduced to some music that you have never heard before and really like, thus becoming a lifelong fan.”

Indeed, submissions poured in from so many musical worlds that there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. From electro pop to garage rock, from bluegrass to glam, from death metal to ukulele—there is hardly a genre that isn’t represented among the many submissions. Adding to this diversity is the fact that, unlike the LFL’s previous Do-ers Contest, submissions were solicited nationally. So attendees can anticipate hearing from bands that are geographically, as well as musically, diverse.

The creativity and talent that will be on display during the screening will be equaled by the live show to follow. The Lexington Film League is thrilled that such amazing bands have agreed to give their time and energy to participate in the event. LFL co-producer Sarah Wylie VanMeter applauds the reciprocity that exists in local creative communities: “I feel like filmmakers and musicians in Kentucky are similar in that they are extremely resourceful, extremely in love with their medium, and are supportive rather than competitive—they want to see their peers do well, make more.”

Between the screening and the live music, prizes will be rewarded for Best Overall (the Grand Prize!), Best Cinematography, Best Song, Best Props & Costume, and Best Narrative. The Lexington Film League is endlessly grateful to LexArts and The Louisville Film Society for their partnership in providing the awards. As VanMeter explains, “George Parker, the director of the Louisville Film Society, immediately offered our contest winner a screening spot in the music video category of the Flyover Film Festival in June. Later, LexArts approached us and wanted to offer further incentive for people to enter: $1,000 to give as cash prizes. For those of you who haven’t submitted to video contests, these prizes are awesome purses separately. And in combination…it’s huge.”

This sort of partnership is at the foundation of the Lexington Film League’s mission, and the event would not be possible without the further assistance of Buster’s. As VanMeter remarks: “Jessica, Buster’s co-owner, was interested in working with LFL almost as soon as we got off the ground. She really understands that our organization is still a budding one and has made it possible for us to use such a great venue by donating the space.” Adds Lane, “Buster’s is perfect for such an event, and we are dedicated to building relationships with other organizations around town. We believe such partnerships are vital to the arts community and part of our mission is to deliver programs in alternative space.”

The Lexington Film League hopes that you will attend the May 29th Buster’s event and celebrate the intersection of music and film in our lives. As Sarah Wylie promises, the evening will be “too much fun to stand, and nothing like Lexington’s seen…in awhile, anyway. Come prepared to satisfy both sides of your personality—sit back and enjoy the show for the video contest, and get on the dance floor for the music after!”

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