Dec 072011

There’s nothing particularly holiday-like about this installment of the NoC music calendar. I’m just calling it that to encourage you to spend more money.

And here’s what you should spend your money on, since we’re on the topic: bagels. Specifically, the bagels at Great Bagel, located in the University Plaza strip row of stores on Woodland Avenue, right on the corner next to the Subway. I went there for lunch today, and my goodness, that’s a good bagel. I had the club on onion, and I could’ve eaten four of them. And the brownies are superb.

I bring this because I’m an east coaster and I miss good bagel shops, and now I’ve got one just around the corner from me, and I don’t want it to disappear. It’ll be tough, because you Lutherans and Presbyterians evidently know nothing of bagels and won’t patronize the place, and it’s also in that cursed location where nobody lasts a year. So I’m doing my part: go get some bagels.

And obviously if the owners of Great Bagel want to compensate me for shilling, I’m very open to structuring an in-kind advertising package around hummus and sandwiches. Get in touch.

Buck Edwards

Saturday, December 10

The Bloodroots Barter

Al’s Bar; 601 N. Limestone. 9 P.M.

The Bloodroots Barter end their, vegetable oil powered, tour by sticking it to the man with gravely, straightforward vocals, peppy banjo riffs and a distinctive brand of “quirky.” The band takes a John Wayne size shit on the sissified, over-commercialized “folk” stylings of Nashville. Rather than gloss and country ho-humming, The Bloodroots Barter brings a distinctive, welcoming sound tempered by a razor-sharp edge that that kicks you in your perdy mouth and washes it down with another PBR. Slightly ruff around the edges, but still congenial, this show promises to be a catalyst for the quintessential Al’s Bar experience. Bring your dancin’ shoes!

Richie Larison

The Muggs

Green Lantern;  497 West Third. 9 P.M.

Currently touring in support of their new CD “Born Ugly” The Muggs are one of Detroit’s most revered rock bands. The band garnered awards in the prestigious Detroit Music Awards for “Outstanding Rock Group,” “Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording” in addition to being named “Best Indie Rock Band” by Real Detroit Weekly.

Silent Events Silent Disco

Cosmic Charlie’s; 388 Woodland. 10 P.M.

I hear about a lot of weird things that happen at shows from the sub-set of people I hang out with that I refer to as my “festival friends”—psychedelic vagina movies, back-up dancers out of a furry convention, entire audiences covered in feathers. Whatever, I watch art films for fun. It’s hard to totally blow my mind. But I have to say, when I heard about the Silent Disco phenomenon, the postmodernist in me was intrigued. Each individual attendant will get their own pair of wireless headphones, through which they are able to hear the DJ, who is typically blasting dubstep, or whatever it is these moccasin-wearing hedonists are shaking ass to these days. Without the headphones, you’re just standing around in Cosmic Charlie’s in silence (which might be the very definition of awkward).

Part of me—the pseudo-religious, hopeful for the future part, wants to see this as an awesome idea to make audiences feel more connected. Everyone is dancing to the same secret beat, thereby increasing the feeling of complicity and togetherness. The other part of me, the cynical asshole that came of age in the late 90s, is dubious—Lexingtonians aren’t known for their dancing. It’s not that we aren’t good at so much as we don’t do it. So it could turn out to be a lot of people standing around just listening to music on headphones, in which case I want to be at the bar laughing at them, knowing they can’t hear me. Either way, it seems worth checking out. Wick-It the Instigator will be DJing the Lexington leg of the Silent Events Silent Disco 2011 Tour.

—Jessica Vowels 

Monday, December 12 

Idiot Glee

Cosmic Charlie’s; 388 Woodland. 10 P.M.

For those of you who know Idiot Glee, you’ve probably already got this marked out on your calenders. You guys seem to be devoted like that. For those of you who don’t know Idiot Glee, what in the hell is wrong with you? Do you even live in this town? Go to an Idiot Glee show already, you music-hating sociopaths.

It is well known by the people that care to hear my opinions on things that I do not care for Idiot Glee (sorry dude, don’t spit in my gumbo). But I will say, Idiot Glee is good at what Idiot Glee does, which I’ve heard described quite aptly as demented pop meets surf rock. People say it sounds “haunting.” Usually someone mentions the Beach Boys. Additionally, Idiot Glee shows are cheap, and even as someone who does not really care for Idiot Glee, I will say that it is certainly worth $5 dollars to watch James Friley to play emotive pop songs on his mixing board. A few moments even usually manage to feel pretty transcendent. I can only imagine how awesome it is if you’re into that kind of thing. Opening will be a band called Soft Pain; from what I can tell, they drink a lot of PBR and probably smoke a lot of weed and almost certainly write songs via a method called “jamming.” They also think posters are awesome.


Thursday, December 15

We Play Music

Natasha’s; 112 Esplanade. 8 P.M.

Full disclosure: the band whose show I’m about to recommend is composed of people I consider to be my friends. They have, on several occasions, played in my house. This should not make you think that I am biased, however; it is well known that, should the musicians making noise in my house suck, I will absolutely make my opinion known. I have never had to say that to these gentlemen.

As this is a review-oriented blurb, I’m obligated by convention to tell you that this band plays alt-folk, but really We Play Music do just that. If it’s music and they love it, they play it. I can’t promise you a single genre or some brand new sound that deserves it’s own witty portmanteau, just four guys who write a good hook and know how to play their instruments (imagine that).
We Play Music will be playing their first gig in support of their new EP, To Dragons.


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