Oct 122011

Josie Rose wags fingers at JP

NoC News

Josie Rose, the May Day Kid, attended her first occupation on Friday, September 30, Day 2 of the Occupy Main Street gathering in front of JP Morgan Chase Bank in downtown Lexington. It was the day before her 5-month birthday.

Photo by Martin Mudd

May Day Kid cries out against crony capitalism at JP Morgan Chase and in solidarity with hungry children the world over.


Though Josie did not speak directly to reporters, her father told NoC that he felt it important to let his baby feel the excitement of people working to make a better world. “I want her to know that she was here, that her body helped forge a local dent in this large moment of world history making. I want her to grow up feeling what it is like to stand with people, together, publicly.”

For her part, the Kid (born May 1, 2011), made her solidarity known by screaming loudly and wagging her fingers vigorously upon her approach to the JP brand logo. Dad couldn’t have been more proud and speculated that–since Josie was due for a feeding soon–the cry was in solidarity for all children experiencing hunger.

“JP Morgan has a significant presence in the food stamp business,” he noted. As an issuer of food stamp “debit cards” (EBT accounts) for 26 states and Washington D.C., the bank has a strong foothold in the profitable business of public welfare management. “This includes Kentucky,” the Kid’s father continued. “With the state outsourcing its responsibilities to the public, JP makes money by charging service fees on the EBT cards. Call it a corporate taxation on poor and lower-middle class America. How many kids’ families can’t buy bread because they’re paying three dollar bank transaction fees on their food purchases to maintain the inflated salaries at JP Morgan?”

And with food stamp participants increasing from 26 million to 46 million U.S. residents over the past four years, the market has become so profitable that even an executive at the bank openly acknowledges that food stamps are a very important business to JP Morgan.

“No wonder the May Day Kid is screaming bloody murder,” Dad concluded. “I’m pissed, too.”

Editor’s Note: The Kid soon returned home, where she consumed her first solid meal as a human being. It was a gruel of ground meal and mother’s milk that she took happily from a spoon held by her mother’s hands, truly a special feast to mark a memorable day.

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