Apr 222010

Creative Class

A sharp critique of Florida (“Richard Florida’s creative bullshit,” April 7 2010). Greg Brown’s “Boom Town” ran through my mind as I read. He points to Sonoma and Santa Fe, two distinctly “Creative Cities,” and asks where the original residents live now? In trailers on the outskirts of town.”

Gordimer T. Spotts

Murfreesboro, TN

Nostalgia and freedom

Thanks for the words on guerilla gardening (“Confessions of a guerrilla gardener,” April 7, 2010). I remember the flow of nice smoking component during those days of the early 70’s (some of it anyway).

Too bad all you young whipper snappers couldn’t experience some of the relative freedom to live the Green Life that those of us then young adults did. Although there were some true believers in the war on drugs back then, most folks were more prone to live and let live.

Maybe this is why I live in such a state of nostalgia. Freedom began its death spiral somewhere around 40 years ago in this country.

William Munson


While the article “Confessions of a guerrilla gardener” (April 7, 2010) was an unknown submission, it did have a named illustrator. We sent the manuscript to J.T. Dockery, a sometimes-contributor of illustrations for NoC articles, whose piece accompanied the article.

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  1. Hola NoC, you guys are kicking ass. Keep up the good work. I appreciate the product that comes from writing for the sake of being heard. The wielder of the pen as editor allows a fabulous freedom.

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