May 112011

Josephine Rose Mayer born 5:35 AM

Danny Mayer

Josie Rose Mayer raises her hand hand in solidarity with workers across the world.

The news coming down the line says

that your world’s on fire, and I’m trying

to get a message through to you.

D. Rawlings


NoC News

Monday May 2

Central Baptist Hospital

With her right arm raised and her tiny fist pushed tight between her temple and mom’s canal walls, Josephine Rose Mayer was born on May 1, 2011 at 5:35 A.M., after 28 hours of labor. She came out crying and with a head of black hair, in search of warmth and a pair of arms to hold her close, things her mother, strong and beautiful, happily provided.

Though Josie was unavailable for comment, inside sources say that the allure of being a May Day baby, coupled with Mom’s Friday night dinner of white bean agnoletti, led to the ambitious sprout’s decision early on Saturday morning, a rare sunny day in a season of downpours, to come upon the world three weeks early. Over a period of hours, as Mom calmly finished painting the baby’s bookshelf and Dad frantically rushed to plant the beans, install the baby seat and transplant the tomatoes, Josie’s demands became more insistent, pressing, sharp.

Things ultimately crested, crowned actually, 64 minutes before the sun’s rise on May 1, International Worker’s Day and pagan Spring holiday for the northern hemisphere; a Sunday.

All in all, it’s a real fine day to scratch your first mark and pitch your first good holler. Great-grandmothers Josephine “Josie” Lazare, a line worker at the Philadelphia Scott Paper plant in the 1940s and still alive at 95, and Rosalind “Papa Rose” Decker, a South Georgia florist into the 1990s, must surely be proud of their May Day hybrid born of two non-native transplants, this child arriving early with her arms raised up, loud, and ready to go.

Both mom and baby are doing well. The dogs are a bit mystified. The bookshelf, now painted, is in place. Most of the tomatoes survived the May 4 frost. Weather is warming up. And dad’s tickled pink at the whole turn of events.

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