Feb 282010

Questionable School Spirit

This past Saturday I attended the UK vs. Tennessee game with as much school spirit as any other UK fan found in Rupp arena—except I was clad in yellow rather than in blue. My shirt read “Beyond Coal” against a neon yellow background. To say that I, and the few friends who wore the same shirt, stood out in the student eruption zone is an understatement.

As an intern with the UK Beyond Coal campaign, a campaign to push college campuses around the nation to move beyond coal to using 100% renewable energy, I was just as proud to wear my yellow than as if I were wearing Kentucky blue. Having school spirit isn’t just about supporting our basketball team; it’s about supporting any initiative towards bettering our university as a whole.

But the signs my friends and I brought to the game that read, “Let’s Move UK Beyond Coal!” were not allowed in because they were seen as a “political statement” and “would offend people on national TV.” Hold on a second, you’re telling me I can’t show my spirit for alternative energy because it’s a political statement? Like the “Kentucky Coal Cats” isn’t? Or what about the “Wildcat Coal Lodge”? Is that omitted from being a political statement as well?

I’m just wondering why my passion and interest for bettering the health and well being of my school’s community could offend people. I find it offensive that a school wanting to be a top 20 university by 2020 is hindering its potential by oppressing those of us who support alternative energy solutions, a move that would only benefit and progress the school toward such a high status.

It leaves me questioning how truly school spirited UK is acting these days.

Becca Barhorst


UK Political science freshmen

Louden and Limestone

A few issues ago, you ran an article about the LexTran renovation at N. Limestone and Loudon. You asked for suggestions about the intersection. My letter is part demand and part dream.

First, the demand part: when I cross at that light, drivers making left-hand turns pretty regularly try to run me over. They seem to think that their left-hand turn suspends the law of the road that states DO NOT HIT PEDESTRIANS. Nothing at the corner is pedestrian friendly. There are no “walk/do not walk” lights; there’s no sign, which I’ve seen around the UK campus and in Chevy Chase, that says turning cars must yield to pedestrians. Northsiders deserve the same pedestrian protection as southsiders and crazy college students who walk whenever they want.

Also, one of the corners is cordoned off due to building construction, forcing me and other peds to walk out into a right-hand turn lane. It’s muddy, and there’s often trash at the intersection. People need to learn how to throw their junk away in a trashcan! Come on, people. We may be on the northside, but we don’t have to live in each other’s garbage (it only gets worse when you walk south on Lime to 5th).

To recap, here are my demands: a safer intersection for walkers and a cleaner one for everyone.

Now for the dream part: The great thing about the stretches that lead up to the intersection—along N. Lime as well as along Loudon—is that there are lots of buildings for small businesses (especially on Lime north of the intersection). I’d love to see all the current business thrive and more to come in, drawing walkers from the neighborhood. We need more local restaurants there. We did have one café, but that has been closed recently.

Also, as a side note, what has happened to the work on the medians on Loudon east of the intersection? They look good until about Idlewild and then go into the crapper. Anyone know?

A Castlewood resident

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