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By Troy Lyle

If you weren’t at the Lexington Ice Center this past Saturday you missed the hottest show in town. Literally! With temperatures indoors reaching well into the 80s, a sold out crowd of 500 plus sizzled with anticipation as the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK) took the floor for their home opener. Their mission was simple. Put on one hell of a show and let Lexington and all of Kentucky know who rules the rink.

Their opponent for the evening, the Vette City Vixens (VCV), a young league named for the Corvette factory in their home town of Bowling Green, were hoping to play spoiler. They too eyed the prize of state bragging rights and desperately wanted to prove that though new to the sport, they knew a thing or two about winning roller derby.

Round 1

After a beautiful cello rendition of the national anthem provided by ROCK’s Abigator Deathroll, both teams took to the flat track with hopes of scoring early and often. Ellie Slay started off right where she always does for ROCK, effortlessly skating her way to the front of the pack for lead jammer. Three passes later she and ROCK blockers Ragdoll Ruby, Rainbow Smite and Sharon Moonshine had set the tone for the evening scoring two grand slams (five points each) for a total of 14 points.

ROCK 14, VCV 0

Sugar Shock wasted no momentum as she, Smite and Ryder Die took turns weaving and crisscrossing their way through VCV’s Knit 1 Kill You, Ally Shank-A-Bitch, Lil Nitro, Rembrat and Brunette Bombthreat. Three jams into the bout and ROCK made it known that tonight they meant business. Tonight VCV would pay in pain for every point they were to score.

ROCK 26, VCV 12

A few back blocking penalties on Sugar and Die, combined with some illegal elbow calls on Sissy Bug, left the door open for VCV, allowing Rembrat, Bombthreat and Nitro to wheel off nine points for the vixens. But as quickly as the door opened Bitty Bast’rd and Die slammed it shut.

Bast’rd used every ounce of her 90 pound frame to her advantage as she slithered and slipped her way through VCV’s blockers for four more points. But VCV’s Nitro wasn’t done. She countered with a nifty inside slink of her own before Bast’rd feverishly called the jam off by banging her hands to her hips.

By this time the ice center was starting to melt from several back to back full jams and a highly charged and ignited crowd. ROCK took full advantage of the crowd factor as Die blasted off the jammer line like a rabid banshee hell bent on devouring VCV’s winded defense. She blazed her way through attempted block after block and managed an outside juke to secure lead jammer. When the dust and steam settled she had rung up another two grand slams and several more points for ROCK.

ROCK 45, VCV 21

But VCV wouldn’t go quietly. On the deft skates of Nitro, Murderface Monroe and Chelsea Dagger the vixens won jam after jam as ROCK’s penalties started to mount. Four points here, another nine there, and ROCK’s lead was dwindled down to just 13 points with five minutes left in the half.

Slay, Moonshine, Kitty O’Doom and Rebel Red had all they could stand. In a determined effort punctuated by some crushing and bruising blocks by O’Doom and Moonshine, Slay returned ROCK to form as she blistered her way to the front, all while banging VCV’s jammer Bombthreat out of bounds. That blow let VCV know ROCK was queen of this arena and wasn’t about to relinquish its crown. Not in front of all their loyal fans. Two grand slams later Slay added another 13 points pushing ROCK’s lead back to more than 20.

ROCK 66, VCV 39

Sugar ended the first half in style for ROCK, as she angled her way to the front in less than a lap. When the whistle blew both teams were in much need of a break and some hydration, but not before Sugar could add another four points to ROCK’s lead.

Lexington’s own rockabilly, country and surf cover band, The Rally Cats, kept the crowd buzzing as they ripped off several up beat classics for the halftime show. allowing both ROCK and VCV time to strategize how they would approach the second.

ROCK 70, VCV 45

Round 2

Before the echoes of The Rally Cats’ searing halftime set could fade, ROCK went to work again on VCV. This time it was on the wheels of Deathroll, Sidebar Girl and Meracle Whip.

Deathroll proved she was much more than a cellist when she hit the flat track for her first jam. She made short work of Shank-A-Bitch, Kill You and Blackout Brandi as her teammates Slay, Smite and O’Doom protected her every move with bone crushing blocks and key skate outs.

ROCK 108, VCV 64

Scoring her first points ever in a bout, Sidebar Girl skated like a wide-eyed, wild woman as she used every inch of the track during her jam. But she wasn’t out front alone as VCV’s Bombthreat skated close behind. Both jammers managed points for their respective teams, but it was Sidebar’s nine points that had everyone on ROCK’s bench elated and out front for a string of high fives.

After some slipping issues were brought to the referees’ attention, the veteran crew decided to stop the action and check the track. This was a quality call since no one wants to see an injury. Moments later the skaters were back on the concrete and set to pick up right where they left off.

ROCK 117, VCV 75

With the crowd as crazed as ever, Whip managed her first double point jam of her young career as she used ROCK’s wall made up of Jessie Maims, Ruby and Bug to perfection. She skated with authority and purpose as her teammates yelled her on to 14 points and two grand slams.

Not to be outdone, Nitro and Brandi scored another 10 points for VCV, showing the exhilarated crowd that though new to roller derby, they would scrap and skate to the end. But with only 3 minutes left in the bout, ROCK’s lead was insurmountable. That didn’t stop Slay, Sugar and Die from adding several more quality skates to the mix.

The final skate of the bout was indicative of ROCK’s dominance on this Saturday night. Sugar pounced her way through VCV time and time again to end on a high note with 14 points.

ROCK 158, VCV 89

The After Party

You hear it from all the girls, there’s nothing like getting together for some beers, shots and good food after a hard fought derby bout. It’s one of the truly great aspects of roller derby — the fact that after beating each other into submission, everyone can come together as friends and family.

On this night everyone convened at Busters for some Cajun food provided by Gumbo YaYa. The Rally Cats picked up right where they left off laying down hell a good tune after tune. And if creole, rice and rockabilly weren’t enough the girls decided leg wrestling would be the perfect ending to the perfect night. When all was said and done ROCK’s bench coach, Junk Drawer, reigned supreme.

Final score

Saturday, June 19, Lexington Ice Center

  • ROCK 158
  • VCV 89
  • ROCK MVP – Ellie Slay
  • VCV MVP – Brunette Bombthreat

Up next for ROCK is another home bout at the Lexington Ice Center on July 10 versus Derby City Rollergirls. Doors open at 7 P.M. Bout begins at 8 P.M. Tickets $7. Kids 12 and under free. If you’d like ticket information for the bout, more information on ROCK, or would like to buy some of ROCK’s new merch, visit www.rocknrollergirls.com.

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  1. It was a good night in derby. Nice to see you capture the feeling in this article.

    Best fan reaction in Lexington I’ve seen thus far.

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