Aug 242011

Though initially both Danny and Jacky refused to be in a picture with the other one, they soon rose from the front stoop of Jacky’s house and walked across the street to sit on the plaid sofa which, they said, had belonged to a man “who keeps to himself.” Baby Landon had no choice about any of it.

When asked to write a poem about one of the images of DISCARDED or about the collection as a whole, Lexington poet and friend Martha Gehringer chose this one.

Image and text by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, Discarded project.

Image and text by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, Discarded project.

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Aug 242011

A paddle through Capitol City

By Danny Mayer

Photo by Troy Lyle

Oil Can and the other vessels.

“In the summer, I bathe about every two weeks. Otherwise, I just braid my hair and go go go.”

I have arrived with Josh, my partner in canoe, to a small towhead on the Kentucky River in Frankfort. Only a straight-away into our 9-bend, 2 night, 20 mile voyage through the state’s capital, down lock #4 and on to Elkhorn Creek, and we are already bringing up the rear. Our vessel, a green 17 foot Coleman canoe nicknamed “Oil Can” that I purchased off eBay upon my 2000 arrival to the Commonwealth, plies the slackwater of Kentucky like a pointy tipped log. We are no match for the much faster fleet of one-man vessels operated by the rest of our party. In 15 miles time, a distance that will include an overnight camp-out in a soybean field, we will operate Oil Can with the efficiency and tracked gait of a steam engine while chasing mid-day shade along the riverbanks. But not right now. Right now, Josh and I paddle irregularly and out of sync, my captain’s seat squeaking arrhythmically at each downstroke and the boat rolling haphazardly from starboard to port. We are more interested in drinking beer, talking rivers and waving to the locals than in coordinating strokes, and have subsequently fallen well behind the rest of our six man party. Continue reading »

Aug 242011

Thursday, August 25

Tower of Power

Buster’s; 899 Manchester. 8:30 P.M.

When bassists discuss their favorite players, the usual names are brought up: Victor Wooten, Jaco, James Jamerson, Stanley Clarke, William Murderface…every bass player keeps a list. But one name turns up on just about every list: when the conversation comes around to Rocco Prestia, players in the know just smile and shake their heads, ’cause there’s nothing left to say. Prestia is a mutha. Continue reading »

Aug 152011

NoC News break

Martin Mudd, In memory of

The Herald-Leader picked up a story on the Sit-in for the Mountains that spontaneously self-organized in the aftermath of the Kentucky Rising sleep-over. Martin Mudd, a member of the group that occupied the governor’s mansion last February, finally got a chance to participate and decided to escalate a tad bit. If you’re in Kentucky, he strongly encourages you to participate and contact Caroline at to join.

For more information on Sit-In for the Mountains, go here:

Aug 102011

By Bill Widener

He was carrying a rolled-up flag instead of the shield, the blue of his uniform a shade too disco. But there he was, in the flesh, waiting to cross the street – the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America.

Like a good citizen, he waited for the “walk” sign, then came into the library. I saluted, and directed him to the public internet area. He turned out to be an ex-serviceman walking across the country, protesting the treatment of veterans by donning the garb of the Red, White and Blue Avenger. He’s not the only one to use a Cap costume to make a political point. From masks to half-Caps to the full regalia, Captain America is a favorite at Tea Party rallies. Strange, that, given Cap is the avatar of everything they despise. Continue reading »

Aug 102011

By Danny Mayer

As a publicly-subsidized teacher at a community college, one of my primary job responsibilities (as I see it, at least) involves finding ways to connect what I do in the classroom to the larger public that I and my students daily inhabit. One way I do this is by inviting the public to participate in my classrooms, which I did last Fall while teaching a rock and roll documentary class.

This fall semester at Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC), I once again invite the public (you) to my ENG 281 Introduction to Film course. Subtitled “The Sixties in documentary film,” the class will watch and talk about the 1960s, its people and movements, through the lens of documentary film. Your attendance, interest and knowledge is most welcome. Continue reading »

Aug 102011

Thursday, August 11

Ben Lacy

Cheapside; 131 Cheapside. 9 P.M.

Ben Lacy’s guitar prowess is such that many who hear him play experience an extreme emotional response as a result, such as intense crying jags, fits of cackling laughter, alternating terror and ecstasy—that sort of thing. Attending his performances thus feels a bit like staring into the face of God; you’re overcome with awe, your senses explode and then dim forever, and you end up drooling in a ditch, unresponsive to stimuli.

And that’s why Ben Lacy needs a new name. I mean, “Ben Lacy” is a perfectly pleasant moniker: “Ben” is a welcoming word, similar to the French “bien” and “bon,” and evocative of the Sanskrit root “bhanu,” the Sun, while “Lacy” is a seductive, Latinate thing. When you hear them together you think, oh, he’s a really nice guy, I bet, and you probably smile and think about your loved ones, and of hugging them. Mm. Continue reading »

Aug 102011

Gatewood Galbraith is Independent candidate

By Dave Cooper

Could 2011 be the year that Gatewood Galbraith is finally elected to office in Kentucky? It could happen.

Lexington attorney Galbraith, running for governor as an Independent candidate, will face incumbent Governor Steve Beshear and State Senate Majority Leader David Williams in the November election. Gov. Beshear has teamed with Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson for 2011, dropping his unpopular Lt. Governor, Hazard physician Dr. Dan Mongiardo, while Sen. Williams has selected former UK basketball star and current Agriculture Commissioner Ritchie Farmer for his running mate. Galbraith’s running mate is Dea Riley, a Frankfort media consultant. Continue reading »

Aug 102011

By Kevin Martinez

It’s finally here! The Marvel Comic that is the last of the big name characters to be made into a proper feature film. This is one that has been long overdue.

Yeah, there were attempts at making Cap before. Most recently, there was the Albert Pyun directed straight to VHS dud back in 1990. That one starred Matt Salinger, son of J.D. himself. The less said about that the better. Continue reading »

Aug 102011

Key-Choina and Brittany walked down the street to sit on the purple couch for a picture even though a woman across the street shouted that the couch had bed bugs, that they should not sit on it. They were walking around the neighborhood with Star: still a young dog that needs a lot of playtime outside.

Image and text by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, Discarded project.

Image and text by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, Discarded project.