Feb 232011

A roadmap to destruction

Below are a series of road trips to view mountaintop removal sites in Kentucky. Directions for the trips come from a pamphlet put out by Lexingtonian Dave Cooper.

–From Pikeville, take US 23 South for 12 miles. Turn right onto KY-1460 (Virgie Road). Go 0.7 miles to see an active mine on your right.

–From the Pikeville Wal Mart on US 23 take US 119 North towards Williamson, WV, for 7 miles. 1Onemile past the Bent Branch exit look for an “EQT” sign on the right. Turn right on the access road to see active mining.

–To see a coal slurry pond, take the Hal Rogers Parkway to Hazard, KY, then take KY-15 North for about 6.5 iles. Turn left into the Coalfields Industrial Park and drive 1.5 miles–stay on the main road–to see the pond on your left. Go back to KY-15 and turn left, then go 0.7 miles and turn right to the Wendell Ford Airport. Go up the hill and bear right at the Y. You can see an active mine towards the back and homes built on a reclaimed mine site.

–From Hazard, take KY-15 South for 15 miles. Pass over Carr Creek Lake and immediately turn left onto KY-1231 North. Travel uphill 3.4 miles and park at the beige utility shack with a blue roof to see a huge valley fill and MTR.

–From McDonalds in Whitesburg, take US 119 South over Pine Mountain. At the bottom, turn left onto KY-932. Go past Bad Branch into Virginia. Keep going. At B&J Grocery go straight onto VA-707. One mile later turn right through an iron gate, then immediate left. Park here and walk up to the blue water tower.

–In Harlan County, take KY-160 fro Lynch over Black Mountain into Virginia. Go down the mountain, then turn around in Inman, VA. There are incredible views of MTR ont the Virginia side of the mountains.

Weather’s getting nice. Take a drive, see for yourself.

Visit the website www.mountainroadshow.com for a downloadable document with detailed driving directions, commentary, photos, Google satellite and video links.

Feb 162011

Will U.S. foreign aid impede the will of the Egyptian people?

By Michael Dean Benton

As I write this (Sunday February 13), the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak has been forced by the Egyptian people to step down as president after thirty years of ruling the country with an iron fist. The Armed Forces Supreme Council has temporarily taken control of the nation while the Egyptian people are still occupying Tahrir Square and are publicly demonstrating for more democratic openness in the decision making on the future direction of their country. Continue reading »

Feb 162011

By Ryan Smith

In recent years a shift has occurred in the debate over Middle East peace. A growing number of citizens in the United States and abroad are becoming increasingly aware of the injustices routinely carried out against Palestinians. Though these gains are a positive sign, more awareness and action is needed to achieve anything close to justice for Palestine. Continue reading »

Feb 162011

Lee Todd? Jim Gray? Coach Coal?

As individuals commonly identified throughout the state and nation as leaders who reside in this city, we demand better leadership of UK President Lee Todd, UK Basketball Coach John Calipari and Lexington Mayor Jim Gray. We want to know, when it comes to mountaintop removal, which side are you on? What are your thoughts about the past weekend’s much-publicized civil disobedience in Frankfort?

Eastern Kentucky coal has a long and deep relationship to this state and its citizens. Continue reading »

Feb 162011

KET’s Community Cinema Series at the Lexington Public Library

KET, in association with Independent Lens, will host a screening of Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story at the downtown branch of the Lexington Public Library on Thursday, February 17.  The film, which is the latest installment in the Community Cinema Series, tells the story of a 16-year-old girl who is arrested and tried for the murder of a 43-year-old man. Over the course of six years, the film follows Cyntoia through the judicial process while seeking to discover–both culturally and biologically–the factors involved in creating her current situation. The screening will begin at 6 P.M. and is free and open to the public. Expect a discussion to follow. For more information, please visit: http://www.ket.org/communitycinema/.

Bluegrass Film Society Screenings at BCTC

The Bluegrass Film Society (BFS) continues its 2011 Spring Semester with a series of challenging and thought-provoking films–all of which are free! This year’s programming boasts the addition of a Social Documentary Series as well as a Family Film Series. Most screenings are held  in the Oswald Building Auditorium on the campus of Bluegrass Community and Technical College and all are open to the public. For a complete list of films and their showtimes, please visit http://dialogic.blogspot.com and do a search for “Bluegrass Film Society.” The series will run until April 20.

On Wednesday, February 23, BFS will show The Cove (USA: Louie Psihoyos, 2009: 92 mins), a hard hitting expose of an annual hidden massive roundup and slaughter of dolphins in a Japanese cove. The film won a 2010 Oscar for best documentary.