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Jan 192011

We neglected to attribute the image accompanying Captain Comannokers’ article “Riding with your ears” (December 8, 2010). The artist responsible for the drawing was Noah Adler. (Noah’s done all of the drawings for the Captian’s transportation column, Out on the streets, that’s where we’ll meet.)

In “Looking backward: undergraduate education” (December 8, 2010), a math error suggested incorrectly that the percentage of out-of-state undergraduates at UK during the 1990s was “around 85%.” The correct percentage of out-of-state students during this time was 15%.

In Bruce Burris’ article “Tomb of the unknowns” (December 8, 2010), a photo of Phil Tkacz was incorrectly identified as a photo taken by him. The correct attribution should read: “Phil Tkacz in ESH cemetery with grid showing where 4,000 bodies were reburied. Photo by Bruce Burris. “

Jan 192011

Shootin’ n Snaggin’ with the Frugal Fisherman

I’d be lying if I said I have been fishing here in the last few months. Much like everyone else I have been hunkering down, layering up and lying low, all in an attempt to beat what seems to be a permanent state of frigidity throughout the Bluegrass. For more than eight weeks now I have spent all but an hour or two a week inside. The lack of nature in my life has started to take its toll. Continue reading »