Jan 282011

By Kiley Lane

The deadline for the Lexington Film League’s 2nd Do-ers Video Contest is approaching! We are accepting submissions until February 1, 2011 and–yes!–cash prizes will be awarded.

Our goal: we want filmmakers to connect with their communities. As a completely volunteer run organization, the Lexington Film League feels that it’s important for people to give back. What better way to do that then to tell the story of people and organizations who make a difference? Continue reading »

Jan 192011

Locating city development

By Danny Mayer

For the past five years, the overwhelming majority of power—public debate, political scrutiny, positive media coverage, public and private money, development—has focused on reviving downtown Lexington and maintaining the county’s rural farmland. Correspondingly, most political and economic capital has been spent in the city’s center and at the county’s edges. Continue reading »

Jan 192011

In our last issue, Bruce Burris’s article “Tomb of the Unknowns,” which detailed the struggle to access cemetery records at Eastern State Hospital, generated a lot of reader response. We here reproduce some of these responses. Many detail the frustrating efforts to generate information about deceased loved ones who may (or may not) be buried on the site of Eastern State. Continue reading »

Jan 192011

A beaver tale

By Northrupp Centre

Northrupp Center

Walking up Jessamin Creek

“Paint what I see, simply.”

Harlan Hubbard, November 1959

Looked at from the perspective of the heavens, as one would look at a map, Camp Nelson lies just above the southernmost point of the Kentucky River’s 60 mile long southwest detour around southern Fayette and Jessamine Counties, a sort of convex riverine parabolic arc that begins near Winchester at Lock 10, turns and pivots north and west at Lock 8 a couple miles from here, and ends somewhere around Brooklyn Bridge just past Lock 7 as the river paces itself toward Frankfort and the wide, flat lower stretches beyond.

Continue reading »

Jan 192011

This editorial first appeared in the December 20 issue of La Voz, before the Kentucky state Senate formally passed SB 6.

To speak plainly, the initiative by the Republican party and their state senators to introduce in Kentucky a law similar to Arizona’s is racist in origin, intention and in intended effect. Continue reading »

Jan 192011

The Bluegrass Disc Golf Association’s (BDGA) 2011 Ice Bowl season is just around the corner. Here are the dates and locations of tournaments.

1/22 — Lawrenceburg Slide and Glide II (45 player limit)

2/5 — PDGA Lexington Ice Bowl X at Veteran’s and Shillito Parks (180 player limit)

2/19 — PDGA Winchester WCCPR Frozen Iron Ice Bowl II at Ironworks Hills (90 player limit)

3/19 — Mackville (Washington County) Camp Calvary tournament to support the Pinkston’s adoption (90 player limit)

If you would like to register for any of the tournaments or learn more about disc golf visit www.bdga.org or www.pdga.com.

Jan 192011

Bluegrass Film Society announces its Spring Screening Series

The Bluegrass Film Society will launch its 2011 Spring Series with a screening of Terribly Happy, a 2008 Danish thriller about a Copenhagen cop who moves to a small town following a nervous breakdown. The film will be shown on Wednesday, January 19 at 7:30 P.M. in the Oswald Building at BCTC. The second screening in the series will be the acclaimed 2008 Belgian film Lorna’s Silence. That film will be shown on January 26 at 7:30 P.M. in the same location. All screenings in the series are free and open to the public. For more information, please visit: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=133248476719239. Continue reading »

Jan 192011

New KET documentary honors a legend and kicks off a film festival

By Lucy Jones

Showing people a picture of Harry Dean Stanton is like presenting them with a cinematic Rorschach test. If you ask them who he is, the answer says as much about them as it does about him.  “That’s the dad from Pretty in Pink.” “That’s the dude from Repo Man!” “That’s Brett from Alien.” Or, “that’s the guy from Red Dawn—‘Avveeeenge Meeeee!’” Based on the reply, you can gauge everything from how old a person is to which side of the cafeteria he/she probably sat on in high school. Continue reading »