Nov 242010

By Natalie Baxter

While strolling around town on an unusually warm Saturday in November, I found myself at the Carnegie Center where they were hosting the UP! Fair, a gathering of self-publishing sequential artists from Kentucky and beyond. I must admit, the last place I would have imagined myself that day (or ever really) was at a comic book convention. Walking in, I didn’t exactly know what to expect. Continue reading »

Nov 242010

The Militant Pedestrian and Captain Commanokers spied this new piece of art on N. Limestone near Fifth. They loved it and are here (probably illegally) reproducing it. We’d love to know who did it and its official title. Email or post the Truth on

Nov 242010

At the end of Ian Epperson’s article on King Coal in the 11/10 issue [“Pressure Commerce Lexington to ditch King Coal”], the author writes: “Let’s pressure Commerce Lexington to end its unhealthy relationship [with the coal industry]…”

However, he made no specific call to action.

To fill this gap, I cordially invite all concerned Lexingtonians to join Santa Claus himself on Tuesday, 12/7 in a costumed bike ride around town to deliver lumps of coal and heaps of embarassment to the naughty, and bring tidings of joy to those who have resisted King Coal’s influence. This action will be one of thousands across the world as part of Via Campesina’s COP16 Day of Action.

Meet me at Al’s Bar on Tuesday 11/30 at 7 P.M. for an organizational “meeting”. Or text “Santa” to 859.963.5574 to get on my list.


Nov 232010

One of the leaders of the Kentucky Dream Coalition has been detained… She’s a student at BCTC, the second student detained this past year. Here’s a link to an article we wrote on another BCTC student getting deported: BCTC Student Deported

Please sign and circulate this petition:

But also pressure our community college and university presidents to speak out publicly on this issue. Read below for more on Jennifer Abreu’s story:

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Nov 102010

By Patrice Morgan

As the revitalization of Lexington’s East End begins to make major headlines, I find myself asking the question: The Lyric Theatre has reopened…now what about the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden?

Isaac Burns Murphy was born in 1861 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Before his death in 1896 he became a legend, winning three Kentucky Derbies and leaving behind a legacy unmatched more than one hundred years later. Interest in educating the community about Murphy’s accomplishments was sparked some three years ago. Continue reading »

Nov 102010

By Ian Epperson

Last year the world’s leaders gathered in Copenhagen to come up with a solution to the looming specter of climate change. The conference was called COP16. As a hopeful world watched the COP16 talks fall apart, our very own Commerce Lexington, an economic development group, announced the arrival of a new and aggressively pro-coal attitude that would be reflected in its policy decisions.

Here’s a brief overview of the revamped attitude toward coal reflected in Commerce Lexington’s Public Policy Statement for 2010 regarding energy and the environment. It includes 11 energy and environmental goals, some of which sound reasonable and environmentally sound. Of note are goals late in the list:

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Nov 102010

By Thomas Helmers

NoC sports editor Troy Lyle was going to follow up his “Disillusioned with the NFL” piece this week but decided to crawl into the bottom of a bottle of Laphroiag instead, leaving me holding the bag. Here are my thoughts based on our observations following yesterday’s day of football.

While gleefully watching the systematic dismemberment last evening of what was once known as the Dallas Cowboys at the hands of the Packers, a recurring conversation between Lyle and myself once again percolated.

“How could you subject me to this god-awful white washing?” he asked me about halfway through the second quarter. “You know that I’ve basically waved the white flag on my football fandom after the stunt that invalid Shanahan pulled last week against Detroit.” Continue reading »

Nov 102010

Bike Polo tourney attracts mallet-wielding bikers

NoC Sports

Though it’s received far less funding and fanfare from the city and its residents than its more effete equine counterpart WEG, after many months of volunteer labor and support the inaugural Midwest Open Bike Polo Tournament is set to take place this weekend (November 13-14) at uptown Lexington’s picturesque Coolavin Park.

Beginning Friday, bikers from throughout the eastern and central United States will begin descending upon the “Bike Polo Capital of the State (and Tennessee)” in full-throttle alcoholic preparations for the two day Midwest Open Tournament set to open the following day. In 48 teams of three, bikers will be competing for the right to claim the prestigious Rudy Cup, named after a strategic ally in the city’s Parks and Rec division. Continue reading »

Nov 102010

By Kayla Thomas

Boudoir sessions, photographic sessions in which women are presented in a tasteful but risqué fashion, have become popular among women across the U.S. Of late, boudoir has come to Lexington through the work of photographer Morgan Day Cecil. Cecil has worked in all areas of photography from maternity to portrait, but boudoir provides her with a large amount of artistic expression and is also quite satisfying on a personal level. It is in these boudoir sessions that Cecil says she sees “the biggest transition” take place in the client.

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Nov 102010

Lexington-born convention offers opportunities for filmmakers and fans

By Greg Levrault

The city of Lexington received a second helping of Halloween spirit on the first weekend of November, courtesy of the 2010 ScareFest Horror and Paranormal Convention. Attendees from across the nation converged on the Lexington Convention Center for three days to celebrate all things that go bump in the night–be they fact or fiction. Organizers estimated that nearly 10,000 souls attended the third iteration of what has become an annual tradition. “It’s a party crowd, very festive. It’s like a Mardi Gras–a giant Halloween party,” explains actor/stuntman and Morehead native Daniel Fultz. “We encourage people to have fun, dress up, go wild.” Continue reading »