Oct 292010

Here’s an archived list of NoC coverage of the 2010 city council races, along with a link to KFTC’s voter information and a solid Barefoot and Progressive piece on a mayoral forum.

First, KFTC’s voter information. Find out about all your candidates before going to the polls. http://kentuckyelection.org/

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Oct 272010

Islamophobia in the Heartland

By Wesley Houp

With all the controversy over the proposed mosque at ground-zero in lower Manhattan, one is tempted to ask whose vision of America is closer to the American Experience, particularly as it concerns our views toward religion: the vision of those who preach tolerance and plurality and pin their supportive arguments on the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom, or the vision of those who would, in this case, deny Islam even religious status and choose instead to recast the faith as a political ideology, a “cult” that seeks to establish “training centers” across America and impose Shariah or Redda law on every red-blooded, freedom-loving Dick and Jane in the land? Continue reading »

Oct 272010

By Jackson Cofer and Elias Gross

There is a new campaign in town to raise awareness on a subject that no one really wants to talk about: bathrooms. Under the auspices of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC), Jackson Cofer, Elias Gross and a handful of concerned activists have banded together to form a Safe to Pee campaign for Lexington. Starting with the vision of access to safe bathrooms for all people, the campaign is focused on those who do not conform to traditional gender roles, the different-abled, and those in non-traditional families.

We are researching building codes to create an informed checklist to assess the conditions of bathrooms in Lexington. We plan to dispatch teams with our checklists and our vision to collect data on safe bathrooms starting in the downtown area. Continue reading »

Oct 272010

NoC News

In the November LFUCG Council elections, District 1 Councilmember Andrea James will not be seeking re-election. Candidates Chris Ford and Marty Clifford are vying for the District 1 seat. The NoC news desk asked James to share what she’s seen during her time on Council and to give her thoughts on the next term. James graciously agreed to answer our questions.

NoC: What changes have you seen in District 1 during your time on Council? What is the upside to those changes? The downside? Continue reading »

Oct 272010

Editor’s Note: The NoC editorial board decided months ago not to endorse particular candidates in this year’s elections. Instead, we have invited First District candidates Marty Clifford and Chris Ford to submit letters of support. We gave each candidate the same request and parameters. Here’s what we received. Election day is Tuesday, November 2.

Marty Clifford for 1st District Council

Marty might not have a Master’s in public policy, but he does have a Ph.D. in getting good sh*t done. Continue reading »

Oct 272010

A movie classics road trip

By Lucy Jones

Some people cope with the end of summer better than others. Me, I’ve never had a problem with it. I burn easily, I don’t bar-b-q, and I seem to attract mosquitoes at a disproportionate rate to all of my friends. In short–summer doesn’t hold much lure for me. That is…until this summer.

As my first official summer as a born again Lexingtonian, the Kentucky Theater Summer Classics Series became my weekly dose of instant euphoria. Continue reading »

Oct 272010

A reaction to the 10/12 Screening at the Green Lantern

By Bill Widener

A smear, a warble, a robotic “RECORD” in the corner, and there’s a blurry figure in the background, hunching a trash curbie like an arthritic mutt. Some coot with a mug like a mummy takes a sprig of leaves and, almost tenderly, begins to fellate it. A boney old broad in a brassy, ratty wig thrusts her pelvis into another garbage can. It’s too freakish to be real, but look: the tape jumps artlessly from cut to cut and the machine demands “TRACK”. There’s no obvious narrative: things just happen, idiotic and appalling things, and danged if she don’t sound just like Aunt Gossie who had the pill problem.

Lucy Jones

Trash Humpers actor Chris Crofton does stand-up comedy before the Lexington Film League screening of Harmony Korine's latest.

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Oct 272010

The beginning of a story in three places

By Danny Mayer

I noticed it a week before the WEGers arrived. The table was gone and here I was with the new “Boycott Coke During the WEG” issue, hot, weighted down with the remains of my 250 paper Downtown Drop-off 1 overburden, already running late for work and, later, for walking my equally heavy Campus Drop-off 2 route.

The table is at the Public Library’s Main Branch, located next to Phoenix Park, across Limestone along CentrePointe’s eastern block. This, too, was once a pasture birthed of sports-tourism inflected demolition, this one drawing off the other, non-equine, sporting fanaticism: college basketball, the 85 Final Four, Villanova over Georgetown in one of the all-time great upsets in college basketball history. Continue reading »

Oct 272010

Dis-Illusion in the NFL

By Troy Lyle

Editor’s Note: This was left in our e-mail box at NoC HW, accompanying an attachment containing the final drat of this article. We reproduce it here verbatim:

Troy Lyle archives

Author hits organized football.

“Here’s the final version. The next part should start with a quick back story about titans, the steelers and redskins, and how teams were just that–teams back then. From there I’ll segway into an 8 or so part segment into why the NFL has lost its way. Starting with the individual player (aka the premodonna syndrome), movingto why espn has ruined the nfl, to how the NFL sold its soul to capitalism, to how fantasy football killed team allegence, why pink out sucks for cancer, to the overregulating of hits, to the ridiculous nature of million dollar idiots. I’ll need your help as always. I’ll try and get it to you earlier the next issue. Continue reading »

Oct 272010

Vinyl Soup, distaff hip-hop, David Wilcox, and the Corpse

Wednesday, October 27

Vinyl Soup

Cosmic Charlie’s, 9:00 P.M.

Disclaimer: I long ago gave up on jam bands. About 10 years ago, after having spent a siginificant part of the ’90s going to every Phish, Widespread Panic, and Allman Brothers show within a few hours drive, I’d had enough. Enough of the 20-minute noodling sessions, enough with the off-pitch vocals, enough of the patchouli-ridden parking lots. Continue reading »